Payment Processing

Use Payment Processing to pay vendors for outstanding amounts.

You create accounts payable vouchers in either Transaction Center > Transaction Entry > AP Vouchers or in Accounting > Accounts Payable > Create Voucher from PO.

Through Payment Processing you can:

  • Create and post checks to pay open vouchers.
  • Create electronic funds transfer (EFT) transactions to pay open vouchers. This creates a direct deposit advice form rather than a check and stub.
  • Create a text (.txt) file of data for your check printer or bank, with the Export to Text option.

You can generate payments in two ways:

  • Automatic Payment Processing — The payment run includes vouchers for all vendors who match the criteria you specify.
  • Manual Select Payment Processing — The payments run includes only those vouchers that you specify.

Either way, Vision creates a check or electronic funds payment for the vendor and marks the voucher as paid.